Groupe de Suivi March 2015

The “Groupe de suivi des Ecoles Européennes” composed by members of the Secretariat General, CEA and Régie des Bâtiments” met on February 2015.

Below the summary of points discussed during the meeting.

  • Enrolment procedures for the school year 2015-2016 are now on the European schools’ websites and follow broadly the enrolment procedures of 2014/15 – for changes see the documents on the website.
  • European Commission statistics suggest that the European School population will grow in the coming years, underlining the need for a fifth European school in Brussels.
  • Earlier in 2014, the proposal to have Berkendael become the formal fifth school from 2015/16 was not endorsed by unanimity by the Board of Governors, and hence Berkendael remains a facility to support the school in Uccle for this and next year.
  • A new proposal to open a fifth school will be tabled and discussions are ongoing as to what language sections should ideally be made available at this school.

The APEEE was represented by Catherine Daguet and Patrick ten Brink

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