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Subject: Preparation of General Assembly and yourVoting Rights

Dear Class Representatives,

In conformity with Article 6,5 of the statutes, the board of the APEEE informs you that our General Assembly (GA) will take place on Wednesday December 5th 2012 from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm, in the “salle polyvalente” at school. No interpretation will be provided.
We would like to remind that in accordance with Art. 6,7 of the statutes, you can communicate in writing to the Board all points to be included in the draft agenda of the GA up to Wednesday November 14th 2012 at the latest. All points raised at the GA have to be accompanied by a detailed explanatory statement and must be supported at least by either 10 effective members (class representatives) or 20 adherent members or 2 administrators.

Please send your proposals either in English or French to

The GA also elects the members of the Board. As of January 2013 ten Board members will continue their work to full-fill their term of office (art. 12,1 of the statutes). There are 11 vacancies on the Board and we would like to ask you to consider being a candidate. Please keep in mind that we do expect you are willingly and able to “invest” a certain amount of time. We hope that we can get ACTIVE people “on board” who want to “move” something, not someone looking for an additional title.

You do not need to be a class representative to be elected. Every adherent member can stand as a candidate and I am asking you to please pass this message on to all parents of your class.
The GA being open to all members, only those class representatives who have paid the annual contribution of 50 Euros will be entitled to vote at the GA.  Could you please, already check if you are in order with the membership fee in order to avoid financial transaction during the GA. The account number is: 132-5315455-90.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Kind regards,

Horst Nickels
President of APEEE Brussels IV

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