General Assembly 2016-2017

General Assembly of the APEEE of Bruxelles IV December 8th, 2016


First Notification 

Application form

Application form

Proxy form

Proxy form

Motion for inclusion in the agenda of the General Assembly

Motion for inclusion in the agenda of the General Assembly


 Convocation General Assembly 2016-2017


Annexes: Activity Reports

Auditor’s report Ernst and Young

Annual accounts 2015-2016

Financial Report 2015-2016

 Budget 2016-2017

Proposal 1:

Proposed budget 2016-2017      Proposed detailed budget 2016-2017

Proposal 2:

Proposed budget 2016-2017 with 5% discount on Transport basic price     Proposed detailed budget 2016-2017 including 5 % discount on transport basic price


Proposal of the Administrative Board.

 APEEE Board proposal: Conduct an external assessment/audit on the organizational structure and the financial decision making process of the APEEE.


3 Annexes – Parents’ Motions. Motions will be treated by theme as proposed in the agenda.

3a Mr and Ms Vamvakas: Modification to transport regulations to limit the maximum time of round trip

3b Mr and Ms Vamvakas: Reorganization of bus lines

3c Mr and Ms Vamvakas: Declaration on guarantees for the cash accumulated to increase services

3d Mr Wardyn: The implementation of the COM’s reccomendations (security)

3e Mr Wardyn: The non providing of Friday bus for kindergarten and primary children

3f Mr Wardyn: The pricing policy for APEEE services related to the APEEE budgetary surplus

3g Motion proposed by the Community Fund Committee

Motions 2015-2016 not treated at the GA 2015-2016

Annexe 9a Ms Pala Borri : Periscolaire procedure in case of accident

Annexe 9b Ms Pala Borri: Safety periscolaire

Annexe 9d Ms Ecker : GA parliamentary week

Annexe 9e Ms Salmon: Secondary Reform and BAC

Annexe 9i Ms Salmon: Affiliation of the APEEE of Bruxelles IV to Alumnia Europea

Annexe 9h Ms Salmon: Provision of list of class representatives

Annexe 9k Ms Salmon: List of school books

Annexe 9l Ms Salmon: Detailed educational programs

Annexe 9m Mr Marbaix: Heavy school bags

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