General Assembly 2015-2016

General Assembly of the APEEE of Brussels IV, 01.02.2016



Convocation General Assembly 2015-2016




Annexe 1 Agenda

Annexe 2 Community Fund Report

Annexe 3 Auditor’s report Ernst and Young

Annexe 4a Financial Report 2014-2015

Annexe 4b Annual Accounts 2014-2015

Annexe 5 Proposal for Social Fund

Annexe 6 Proposal for student exchange

Annexe 7 Proposal for statutes changes

Annexe 8 Proposal for Cafetaria


9 Annexes – Motions


Annexe 9a Ms Pala Borri: Periscolaire procedure in case of accident

Annexe 9b Ms Pala Borri: Safety periscolaire

Annexe 9c Ms Vandenberghe -Mr Stricker : Cafeteria

Annexe 9d Ms Ecker: GA parliamentary week

Annexe 9e Ms Salmon: Secondary Reform and BAC

Annexe 9f Ms Salmon: Secondary’s timetable

Annexe 9g Ms Salmon: Infrastructures for the ” free hours”

Annexe 9h Ms Salmon: Provision of lists of class representatives

Annexe 9i Ms Salmon: Affiliation of the APEEE of Bruxelles IV to Alumnie Europea

Annexe 9j Ms Salmon: To assess and propose carry-forward profits of previous years

Annexe 9k Ms Salmon: List of school books

Annexe 9l Ms Samon: Detailed educational programs

Annexe 9m Mr Marbaix: Heavy school bags

Annexe 9n Ms Weisswange: Use formula tickets for school bus transportation

Annexe 10 Proposed budget 2015-2016

Annexe 11 Proposed budget (detailed) 2015-2016

Annexe 12 Application form

Annexe 13 Proxy form




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