General Assembly 2013-2014

General Assembly 2013-2014 – 23.1.2014




Invitation, Agenda & Documents



Annex 1 – Auditor’s Report

Annex 2 – Accounts 2012-2013

Annex 3 – Budget 2013-2014

Annex 4.1 – Transport costs for children of divorced parents

Annex 4.2 – Pedestrian & Cyclist safety on the rue Medori

Annex 4.3 – Establishment of a Health & Safety group

Annex 4.4 – Establishment of sectional representation

Annex 4.5 – Canteen


Motion(s) for inclusion in the agenda of the General Assembly   pdf   doc

Candidates 2013-2014  doc

Proxy form  doc


FAQ for candidates


Preparation of the General Assembly and your Voting Rights

Further to our previous notification advising that due administrative reasons, the General Assembly (GA) had to be postponed, in accordance with Article 6,5 of the Statutes, the Board of the APEEE would like to inform you that our General Assembly (GA) will now take place on Thursday January 23, 2014 from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm, in the “salle polyvalente” at the school. No interpretation will be provided.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that in accordance with Art. 6,7 of the statutes, if there are points which you would like to have included on the draft agenda for the GA, these should be communicated in writing to the APEEE Board using the form provided. All points raised at the GA need to be accompanied by a detailed explanatory statement. If there is a motion which you wish the GA to vote on, this should be summarised in no more than two to three sentences and should accompany the explanatory statement. In order to be included, points must be supported by at least either (a) 10 effective members (class representatives) or (b) 20 adherent members (fully paid members of the parents association) or (c) 2 administrators (members of the Board). In order to submit an explanatory statement/motion, please complete the attached form in French and English, ensure that the signatures of the supporting parents are included and send it to on or before Thursday 2 January 2014.

Please note that all points for the agenda must be submitted this way. Therefore, any points submitted for the previously notified GA will have to be re-submitted if you wish them to be included on the Agenda.

For the open session of the GA, we will be inviting the Secretary General of the European Schools and DG HR of the European Commission, as well as the School Director and Deputy Directors. This provides us with a forum in which points relating to pedagogical issues may be raised. Whilst this is a separate process to the discussion of a specific agenda point which should be included in accordance with the procedure set out above, it is an opportunity to exchange information and shared experiences. If there are specific pedagogical questions which you would like to put to these representatives, we would encourage you to email them in to on or before Thursday 9 January 2014 such that the authorities concerned are better able to respond at the GA. This does not preclude ad hoc questions being raised at the GA itself.

The GA also elects the members of the Board. As of January 2014, 12 Board members will continue their work to fulfill their term of office (art. 12,1 of the statutes). There are 9 vacancies on the Board and we would like to ask you to consider standing as a candidate. Please bear in mind that Board members need to be willing and able to “invest” a certain amount of time which goes beyond simply attending our regular meetings. We would therefore, particularly like to encourage active people who are keen to help develop our school to join us.

You do not need to be a class representative to be elected. Every adherent member can stand as a candidate.

Although the GA is open to all members of the APEEE, only class representatives who have paid the annual contribution of 50 Euros are allowed to vote. In order to avoid financial transactions during the GA please check that your membership fee is paid in advance of the meeting. The IBAN account number is: BE34 1325 3154 5590.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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