Finding a sustainable solution to the funding of teachers in European Schools (Cost-Sharing)

The debate reaches new levels as parents call upon on the enlarged Troika (meeting on Monday, 24th June) to:

  • Find a solution to the cost-sharing problem, possibly along the lines of the ‘Munich model’
  • Discuss the Council decision of 16th May to hold an extraordinary meeting of EU Education Ministers (perhaps along the lines of the 2006 High Level Group, Noordwijk Conference) in order that a “holistic response to reform” can be taken.
  • Find ways to strengthen educational ties with Member States through proper recruitment, secondment and inspection that does not rely on precarious one-year contracts
  • Reaffirm the cultural and linguistic principles upon which the system is based, to ensure children’s confidence in their own cultural identity, the bedrock of their European identity.
  • Fully take into account the child’s pedagogical needs as well as the financial ones.
  • Recognise the key role of European Schools in the recruitment and retention of staff of the European institutions and member state representation in these challenging times.
  • Ensure full transparency of, and participation in, the discussions and decisions going forward.

For more information see the letter sent by Interparents on behalf of all parents of children in the European Schools. This letter was drafted with input from this parents’ association as part of a wider programme of intensive activity in this area. If you would like to help and/or get more information, please contact us at

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