Extra Curricular Activities

Enrolments for extra-curricular activities have opened. Here are some answers to a few FAQs.

What’s new this year? This year’s programme is based on last year’s as we try to ensure that children can continue with activities they have started. However, there are some exciting new options – like a school radio project.

Why are there no lunchtime activities? The school has changed its timetable in Primary and Secondary and, after discussion with the school, it was agreed that the scheduled lunch hours are too short to enable children to eat lunch and do an activity. There is now the possibility to do activities after school and to take the second bus home, space permitting. Or why not use the new dedicated bus to Schuman on Wednesday afternoons at 17:00?

How do I book transport? The APEEE cannot guarantee spaces on the second bus departures as these lines are organised on the basis of those students who have school lessons. However, if there are spaces on the lines (which we anticipate) they can be used by children enrolled in extra curricular activities. If you are interested, please contact the transport office once the routes have been published (in August) and identify the line and stop you would be interested in using. To book the Wednesday bus to Schuman – just use the code in the enrolment system. Prices will be determined on the basis of the number of children who enrol.

How are the prices fixed? Prices are calculated on the basis of the costs associated with each course and not to make a profit. This year, the APEEE has reduced the prices for the majority of activities.

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