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Laeken Games 2014

• APEEE is proud to announce its second fencing competition!

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•  10 teams will challenge Saturday the 10 of May.

•  5€ fee will be asked for all visitors, refreshments will be available on site.

•  Come and support our school team!


9:30am  teams call and checking equipment 
10:00am  starting competition
13:30pm  semi-finals
14:30pm  match for the third place
15:30  final

•  hours are indicative

EEB4 Has Talent!

EEB4 Has Talent V.4.1

Singing (Lucia Scocca) salle polyvalente “La Marmotte, Beethoven” “Tambourin en rondeau, P. Rameau” “Das Kinderspiel, W. A. Mozart” “Bona Nox, Mozart” “Où vont les ballons, M. Legrand” “Canto del Galles, B. Britten”, performed by Francesca, Riccardo, Paul, Giada, Maxime, Sofia, Miriam, Marion, Victoria, Maria, Camille, Gauthier
Art show (Sarah Fitton, Natalia Gantiva, Liliana Hene) salle polyvalente Presentation of artwork set to music
Introduction to dance(Ana Cembrero Coca) salle polyvalente “Let’s dance” performed by Eva, Sara, Anouck, Andréa, Yasmina, Luana, Siofra, Sara Marie
Drama  (Mathilde Gougeau, Lucie Smolderen) salle polyvalente “La princesse et le plombier” performed by Emilie, Esther, Anne, Nina, Ashling, Lusin, Laura, Sarah, Ana,Elisa, Eugenia, Katherina, Emilie
Hip-hop (Blanca Alvarez) salle polyvalente “Mola” perfromed by Garance, Sophie, Enrica, Yasmina, Claudio, Pierre -Loup, Ariana, Nelia.
Multidisciplinary Dance (Blanca Alvarez) salle polyvalente “Aqua” performed by Basile, Lucile, Oriane, Maeve, Alice, Freija,
Drama (Aurelie Demol) salle polyvalente “Maîtres, valets et clowns” performed by Miriam, Leonore, Romane, Giada, Sofia, Miahai, Liliana.
Piano (Maya Peszko) music room 2 (2nd floor) Personnal creations performed by Sarah & Gillian,”Hot cross buns” “Dancing with Frankenstein” performed by Noemie, “Banana split” “Brother John” performed by Lena, “Rex, tyrannosaurus” “Wind in the trees” performed by Matei, “School bell is ringing” “I like roller skating” performed by Veronica, “bluebird” “first serenade” performed by Daria, “Train A is coming” “Listen to the drums” “Lullaby for goodnight” performed by Norah, “Twinkle twinkle little star” performed by Alicia, Chiara, “Old mac Donald” performed by Yvan
Violin(Mersiha Teskeredzic) music room 2 (2nd floor) “Le Champion” performed by Clara (with piano), “Bach Musette” performed by Anna ( with piano ) , “Gavote” performed by Emile (with piano), “Hunters Chorus”  performed by Eugenia (with piano),”Witches dance of Paganini” performed by Benjamin (with piano), “Vivaldi, Concertino in A minor” performed by Lukas (with piano)
Songs and percussion (Panagiotis Damianidis) music room 2 (2nd floor) “Allouette” performed by Alice, Elyette, Lucile, Freija, Gabriel, Joana Alicia, Lilli, Gabriel, et Clara Elena.
Cello (Guillaume Lagravière) music room 2 (2nd floor) “Twinkle star” “French folk song” “First walz” performed by Eulalia, Soléa, Pierre
Guitar (Panagiotis Damianidis) music room 2 (2nd floor) “Blues” performed by Riccardo, Nathan, Elias,Tom, Francesca, Sara, Gauthier, Jonathan
Piano (Gergana Perendibazova) music room 2 (2nd floor) “Thé vert” & “Colombina” performed by Julia, “Pussy cat” & “Sur le quai” performed by Patricia, “Indian’s tom toms” & “oh when the saints” performed by Ryan

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