E-mails about the bus lines and bus stops have been sent to the parents of all 1229 pupils who registered for the APEEE bus service. 

Departure and arrival times will be provided soon, as well as with practical details about each route. Based on this data, some stops (for example stop AM 880 and PM 702) will be reconsidered.

You can check the bus routes and bus stops on the following webpages:

– Morning route (AM): Morning stops and maps 

– Afternoon routes (PM): Afternoon stops and maps

The departure and arrival times will be added to these pages in week 35 (August 27 – September 2).

A second e-mail message will be send, which will give the departure and arrival times, and information about the transport badge.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the move to Laeken, the APEEE-office is very difficult to reach by phone in the coming weeks. As soon as phone numbers are known, they will be published on this website.

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