Conventions – School Bus Service



  1.    I respect the bus monitor and the instructions he/she gives

 2.    I respect the driver, the other students and 

        any other person encountered during the tour.

 3.    I get on the bus without pushing and shoving

 4.    I hold my school bag in my hand upon entering / leaving the bus.

 5.    I put my school bag under my seat.

 6.    I fasten my seatbelt.

 7.    I remain seated until the bus is stationary at school or
        at my bus stop on the way back home.

 8.    It is forbidden to eat, drink (water allowed), or smoke on the bus

 9.    I don’t throw anything

10.    It is forbidden to take / show pictures or videos on the bus

11.   I keep the bus clean

12.   I speak quietly and politely



1.  Have your child register to the Transport service.

 2.  Make sure your child is at the bus stop mentioned on his subscription

 3.  Be at the bus stop 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time:

      – AM: bus leaves at the time indicated on the time table

      – PM: bus arrives at the estimated indicated time

     Drivers are asked to depart / arrive according to the official time table.

 4.  Explain / remind your child the rules to respect aboard the school bus 
      (see the student’s convention and the Regulations you have signed)
      These documents are available on the APEEE website.

 5.  Respect the bus monitor and their instructions given to the children

 6.  When contacting the transport office, know and mention the bus line number
      and the bus stop code (ex : bus10 –  stop BEE01)

 7.  Parents are forbidden to make individual arrangements
      with the drivers, nor with the monitors

 8.  Parents are not allowed to get aboard the buses


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