Community Fund Committee

The Community Fund Committee – who are we?

Josephine Usher, mum of Arthur (P3EN) , Camille (P1EN) and Maurice (M1EN). We joined the school five years ago and I have been on the Board of the APEEE for four years. I see the Community Fund as a way of building a stronger school community which supports initiatives, whether they come from the teachers, our children or the parent body. I have been involved in fundraising in the Anglophone section and was on the organising committee for the Somerfesto for a couple of years.

Sarah Ironside, Mum of Katie Jane (S3EN) and TomTom (P5EN) – My children have been at the school for five years. I believe all parents need to be involved in our school community, in this way we can each bring our skills and abilities to support the school in educating our children. I was previously involved in the Somerfesto organisation and also in organising events for the Anglophone section.

Christian Drantmann, father of two children in the German section and member of the Board of the APEEE.

Diane Werhert, mum of two children in the French section.

Vanessa Vignati, mum of children in the Italian section


There are currently two vacancies on the Committee – interested? Email:



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