Community Fund approves two applications


communityOur Community Fund launched in September this year. Here is the first report from the Committee on what they have been up to!

The Committee is delighted to announce that it has approved a grant of 500 euros to support the Science Fair which will be organised by Mr Panichelli at this year’s Sommerfesto. The Committee has also approved a grant of 700 euros to support an Irish Ceile workshop which is being run for all sections in Secondary by Mr de Burca. On behalf of all the parents the CFC would like to thank these teachers for creating such fantastic opportunities for our children.

The Committee has a number of pending applications for funding.  It is working with the Student Committee in relation to their application for start up funding (which some of their counterparts in the other European schools also received from their respective funds). The Committee is considering an application to support the school’s participation in the Science Symposium. An application to fund the school’s participation in Eurosport was withdrawn after the School made funds available.

The fund has received donations from Somerfesto and the EN section Halloween Disco. Many thanks to all the parents involved in supporting these initiatives.

Do you have a project that needs financial support? Is your section organising a cultural initiative? Please apply!

The policy and application forms are on the website. The committee can be contacted at


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