Candidates 2016-2017

Candidates 2016-2017 for the Administrative Board of the APEEE of Brussels IV Aisbl


Candidacy Ms Beati Michela

Candidacy Mr Buzo Sanjin

Candidacy Ms Conyers Barber Sarah

Candidacy Ms Cudell Salgueiro Ana

Candidacy Ms Daguet-Babich Catherine

Candidacy Mr Drantmann Christian

Candidacy Mr Gulic Slaven

Candidacy Ms Ironside Sarah

Candidacy Mr Kettani Karim

Candidacy Mr Kukulskis Vladas

Candidacy Ms Usher Josephine

Candidacy Mr Morel Sebastien

Candidacy Ms Ondelj Ivona

Candidacy Mr Vasile Iulian

Candidacy Mr Wardyn Lukasz

Candidacy Ms Weisswange Sophie

Candidacy Ms Zaharie Ana Maria

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