Cafeteria and student cards – make way for new technology!

Following the Decision of the GA, the canteen team and cafeteria working group have been working hard to ensure we will be able to open the new cafeteria on 1st November 2016. We are targeting the 1st Nov because this is the date by which the school has indicated the new student cards should be available. The intention is to use these cards in the cafeteria as well and to link them to a new payment system which we also will need to have installed before we can open. In particular, the idea is to ensure that no actual money is stored on the student cards (in case they get lost) and that parents will have full control over how much money their children spend. These aims can be achieved by linking the cards to an APEEE bank account. 

In other news,  the school will provide 2 new vending machines and the APEEE will be filling these with more healthy snacks. Whilst sugary products cannot be removed altogether, we are continuing our efforts to promote healthy eating – inside school and out.

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