Baba Marta


MartaDid your child come home with a red and white bracelet this week? Or maybe you have seen colleagues or friends  wearing them. On 1 March Bulgarians celebrate Baba Marta, a holiday to welcome the upcoming Spring. Our school has been joining in with this tradition.

“Martenitsi” are red and white coloured bands or figurines that symbolise health and happiness, a lucky charm against evil spirits. They are given away to friends and family and are worn around the wrist or on clothes.  The red colour mean: blood and life. White: clear and happiness. The ‘martenitsa’ is worn until you see the first blossomed tree or the first spring bird. In some regions of Bulgaria livestock and fruit trees are bedecked with ‘martenitsa’. She brings happiness and luck to house, who wear it.

The Romanian holiday Mărţişor is a variant of Baba Marta.


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