Archived Documents

Letter to Commissioner Sefcovic from the four Parents Associations (12/03/2012)

Letter from petitioners looking for candidates

Reply from President of Parents Association re Agenda for General Assembly (12/01/2012)

Message from President (Association) (10/01/2012)

Reply from Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic (22/12/2011)

Reply from petitioners to letter from Mrs. Christmann (05/12/2011)

Letter from Mrs. Christmann on Berkendael petition (01/12/2011)

Message from petitioners to Board of Governors (30/11/2011)

Letter to Mrs. Christmann, Secretariat General (29/11/2011)

Réponse à Mme. Christmann

Courrier de Mme Christmann relatif à la pétition des parents de Bruxelles IV



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