Application tutorial

Application tutorial


 Application tutorial 


How to pay?

In order to pay in the cafeteria, students need an electronic badge, which was issued by the school to each secondary student. Parents who often visit the school premises can also get one. This badge is linked to a personal account.

Students that want to pay with the card will need to have money on their account. This is done by transferring money via PayPal with the help of our new mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices.

Usually it would be the parents that download and use the app on their devices, while the students only need their school badge to pay.

The app provides a detailed list of everything bought with the linked badge. The APEEE may also use the app to inform you of current events, for example changes of opening hours.

Installation and use of the app

The app is very simple to use and a “how-to” is attached to this Email. A PayPal account is required to use the app.

You will soon receive an email with login information and your personal password. If you do not receive it, please check your spam folder. It is sent from and contains as subject “DAO – European School – Register”.


In case of lost or stolen student cards you must immediately contact the canteen manager, so he can block that card.The school will charge 10 Euro for the replacement of the card. This new card has to be manually activated by the canteen manager before it can be used.

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