2nd departure bus for secondary students

Dear parents,

The departure, the number, the capacity, the route of the buses at the end of the school day were organized according to the information relative to the school schedules that the APEEE received beginning of July:

– pupils of NURSERY to SEC 2 are done at 15.05 – bus departure 15:20

– pupils of SEC 3 to SEC 5 are done at 15.55 – bus departure 16:15

This is why the 1st departure (PM1 – bus series 100) are planned and dedicated for pupils from NURSERY to SECONDARY 2. They are not allowed to take the 2nd departure.

Students from S3 to S5 have to take the 2nd bus departure (PM2 – bus series 200) and school booked rooms and biblotheque for them in order to wait for the bus 2nd departure if they finish earlier.

As a reminder, PM1 PM2 and PM3 routes being different, the number of the bus and the stops are not necessarily the same in every tour.

All the necessary information are available via the APEEE website http://www.bru4.eu/transport/timetable.


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