Transport – Secondary students are required to wear a mask

Following the Comité de concertation of Friday 4 March 2022, and the easing of sanitary measures (see circular 8503), we would like to clarify our guidelines concerning the wearing of masks within our services:

  • Transport

Government measures apply to secondary students, so students from S1 to S7 must continue to wear face masks on school buses.

Nursery and primary children no longer have to wear masks on our buses.

  • Canteen & Extracurricular activities

The APEEE is in line with the school’s decision regarding the easing of sanitary measures for the canteen and extracurricular services, so the wearing of masks is no longer compulsory for nursery, primary and secondary pupils.

Those who wish to do so may continue to wear it. Like the school, we continue to recommend wearing the mask for those with a cold or who feel weak.

Thank you for your understanding.