Registration for the transport service of the APEEE of Brussels IV for the school year 2019-2020 is open!


All registrations for our transport service received by the 31st of May 2019 will be used to adapt the bus stop network according to the children’s needs as much as possible.

Registrations received after this date cannot be guaranteed to be considered. However, you can still register on our online registration systemYou will find the map of the morning and afternoon stops which we invite you to consult in order to be able to indicate the stops to which you wish to register your child.

We urge you to read the Transport regulations which are mandatory to accept in order to continue the registration. You will find the provisions relating to cancellations and refunds. By registering your child, you will be deemed to have read and accepted the rules in their entirety.

Please, be reminded of some important facts which often cause misunderstandings :

  1. The services are organized by parents for parents. There is no support from school or EU institutions. Appeals can be made to the APEEE board (not to any EU bodies, central enrolment authority or school director);
  2. There is no vested right for an individual bus stop in one’s neighbourhood. The stop planning is done on a best effort basis;
  3. Enrolment is possible for one identical stop on an AM line and one identical stop on a PM line at 100% of the price of a subscription ;
  4. Exclusively for the children in Nursery and Primary 1 + 2 (who end school at 12:45 on Friday), registration is also possible for a line in the morning and afternoon except Friday noon or afternoon to 90% of the price of full subscription (please see the Transport rules) ;
  5. Enrolment for an additional regular line will be charged at additional 65% of the price because capacity must be reserved on the buses ;
  6. Occasional use of a different line (i.e. not regularly, e.g. every week) can be arranged by purchasing a ticket at least 24h prior to the transport. Purchasing a ticket is done on line via the APEEE online service system (3 € for enrolled students / 5 € for students not enrolled in the transport service) and a ticket is obtained if seats are available on the requested bus.