Tijdens het spelen

Wil je Nederlands spreken ? This course offers children the opportunity to learn one of the Belgian national languages in a playful way in a participative and communicative atmosphere and with a native teacher.

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1st semester

The aim is to become familiar with basic concepts and to understand simple conversations and thus be able to answer simple questions.

During the first semester, children learn Dutch through playful exercises such as mime games, drawings, riddles or by listening to or learning children’s songs (from Kabouter Plop).  The following themes are covered: presentation, clothing, parts of the human body, health, family members, food, animals, colours, announcing presence/absence.

2nd semester

The purpose is to continue learning the basic concepts so that they can express themselves in simple conversations and answer simple questions.

During the second semester, students improve their knowledge and understanding of Dutch through various games and activities. They study other themes that are essential for learning a language, such as the days of the week, the weather, fruit and vegetables, jobs, numbers, feelings, thanks and apologies.