Tell me a story!

What is a story? How is it told? With words or pictures? Is it a page in a book? Is it a shadow of a Chinese puppet dancing on a white screen? Or is it a colour picture that moves like a cartoon? There are a lot of possibilities to explore!


Activity not launched in 2020-2021


With Lea:
P1-P2 : Thursday, 15h10 – 16h10

With Lea

1st semester

The objective of the first semester is to explore all the ways of telling a story.

Through themes (witches, the wolf, animals…), literary genres (storytelling, comic books) or through different ways of narrating books (oral tales, puppet shows, shadow theatre, kamishibai but also cartoons…), children will together widen the field of possibilities!

Great importance will be given to images and creation. Thus, at each session the children will be able to make illustrations around the theme and the books presented. The aim is to open the children’s minds and to offer them original approaches to books and stories.

2nd semester

The objective of the second semester is to imagine a story.

After exploring different ways to share a story, it will be their turn to tell one! Scenario, choice of characters, scenery, actions… the children will, step by step, build a story. They will be able to give life to a comic book, or a book that will be printed, or a puppet show… and why not a stop-motion if they feel like it? The children will then be able to put into practice what they have learned in the previous semester and let their imagination run wild.