Stephanie Vergaelen

Currently on maternity leave

Stephanie started practicing yoga about twenty years ago, during her anthropology studies at the ULB.

She then went to India, and studied Yoga at its source in 2000 in the Ashrams. She followed intensive courses to become a yoga teacher and, at the same time, followed a training course in Ayurvedic massage and Reiki (for 1 year).

Back in Belgium, Stéphanie took a new training in Yoga, more specific to our European culture.

She is in continuous training and is particularly interested in the evolution of Yoga over the years.

She gives a Hatha Yoga class for adults and a Hatha Yoga class specifically for children aged 7 to 12.

Stéphanie has been teaching at European School Brussels IV since 2011.


Languages : EN – FR – ES

I am a life-lover and I think that each of us is here on a mission and that therefore it is important to do all the things we are called upon to do in all conscience. We are not alone, we are part of a whole!