Scoprire l'italiano divertendosi !

Feel like speaking Italian while discovering the folklore and traditions of the country? This course offers children of all levels an opportunity to learn while having fun and to become familiar with Italian culture thanks to a native teacher.


Activity not launched in 2020-2021


With Enrica:

P1-P2 : Tuesday, 15h10 à 16h10

P3-P5 : Monday, 15h10 – 16h10

With Enrica

1st semestre

The objective of the first semester is to help the children acquire the basic notions of the Italian language while discovering the Italian culture.

The first semester program covers several important topics of everyday life. Learning is done through fun and creative games and activities that encourage students to interact and communicate.

Learning Italian is done through immersion in an active, lively and differentiated way. The child is the subject of his or her learning and learns greetings and introductions, numbers, colours, body parts, clothes, food, family and home and friends. Depending on the levels and interests of the children, the difficulty of the vocabulary will be adjusted.

Another part of the program is dedicated to the discovery of the folklore and traditions of Italian culture following the calendar of months and associated holidays. The children become familiar with a multicultural world and open up to another culture, quite naturally.

2nd semestre

The objective of the second semester is to deepen the knowledge acquired at the beginning of the year, enrich vocabulary and improve comprehension.

The second semester program is still based on playful activities, such as games, music, crafts or reading stories. The children are therefore immersed in the target language and in the traditions of Italian culture, moreover they improve their grammatical skills with the learning of new structures such as questions and answers and, depending on the level of the group, other tenses (past and future) are introduced. Fun topics are covered, for example animals, activities (hobbies and sports), school and holidays, songs, etc.

The idea is that the child finds his or her own natural way of learning, according to his or her own rhythm and affinities. This overall development goes hand in hand with the acquisition of language and a foreign language, such as Italian.