Pedagogical Vision

In my opinion, education means building creators…Children must become inventors, innovators, not conformists.

In dance, each child progresses at his own pace, discovers, tries and tries again.

The importance is not the result, but how far you have come.


Redouane has done Break Dance since he was a teenager. Since then, his passion for dance and sport in general has never left him: it is even become a way of life!


He learned Break Dance from a famous teacher, who reached with his group, the semi-finals of the well-known TV show “Belgium Got Talent”.


His educational path was clear: he naturally followed a physical education and sports curriculum.


Redouane regularly performs in battles and shows in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.


He teaches Break Dance in a club, but also at home in private lessons.


His aim is to show this dance style off to many children and pass on his passion!

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