Preventing bulluing : new initiatives

The APEEE is working with the association “Virages“, in collaboration with both the primary and secondary schools, in order to help the children concerned by conflicts or bullying.

This work has been done at various levels :

  • Interventions in all P3 and S1 classes (December 2017 and January 2018) by Virages counsellors/psychologists : role plays (each student is in turn attacked or attacker) and reflections.
  • Training of an APEEE staff member (person of trust) for cases of bullyinh on the bus, during extracurricular activities or in the canteen. Possibility for the students to make an appointment at the transport service in FR, EN and NL.
  • Information for primary school teachers and secondary school pedagogical advisers
  • A presentation conference was organized by Virages for parents in April 2018.
  • The APEEE has also created an email box if you wish to warn us of certain behavioural problems.

School psychologists are always available to pupils who encounter problems outside the APEEE services in EN, FR, IT and ES. They can provide parents with a list of psychologists in other languages.