Olena Petrykova

My goal is to help students discover and assimilate the wonderful world of Yoga and Aikido. In order to manage their ability to cope with stress, train the body and develop awareness and self-regulation. To transmit the principles of Aikido and Yoga which are love, respect and harmony.

Born in Ukraine in the Crimean region, Olena graduated from Vernadsky Taurida National University with a degree in Physical Education and Psychology.

She began practicing Aikido in 2007. Olena became a black belt after several years of training and started teaching as assistant teacher for the children’s class as well as for the adult’s class.

In parallel, she has been practicing yoga with Ukrainian, Russian and Hindu masters.

She founded the “Yoga Studio Narayana” and the “Yalta Kids Aikido club” in 2013 where she teaches Yoga and Aikido to children, teenagers and adults.

She arrived in Belgium in 2019 and became a member of the “Association Francophone d’Aïkido” and the Koshi Dojo where she trained with Master Van Thieghem louis, 7th Dan Shihan of Aikikikai So Hombu in Tokyo.


Languages : UK – EN – RU – FR