Musical games & Theory

Do you want to learn music theory? This course offers a first approach to music theory based on the reading of notes and singing. This activity is a perfect introduction to learning a musical instrument in private lessons.


With TBC:

P1-P2 : Wednesday, 13h30-14h30

1st semester

The objective of the first semester is the discovery of music theory with the learning of notes.

The course has been designed as the teaching of a new language – music where the letters are musical notes and the words/phrases/grammar are phrases and melodies. Solfeggio is the art of singing musical notes by reading their names C, D, E, etc… This is how children start learning to read and write these notes in a playful way. Games are indeed created so that they have fun while learning the musical basics. Children also understand the essential role that silence plays in music. This is a very dynamic class in which the piano is frequently used for demonstrations.

2nd semester

The objective of the second semester is the introduction to music writing.

During the second semester, as the children are familiar with the sounds, they can begin to write songs themselves. They also learn solfeggio songs composed by their teacher, only for them and taking into account the level of the group and its learning abilities. In order to put the knowledge acquired into practice, the students prepare a concert and present it in the spring on Performing Arts Day.