Julie Zaganjori

Julie is a nursery school teacher since 2009 passionated about creative arts. She dabbles in everything, especially sewing and theatre.  Indeed, since she was a little girl, she has taken theatre and improvisation classes.

In 2013, she started to take an interest in sewing and since then, she has been training regularly by taking part in various courses.

Since 2020, she has decided to launch her creative workshops and sewing classes for children and adults in parallel to her job as a teacher. For her, teaching means passing on her passions, sharing knowledge and know-how while having fun.

With her theatre course, she wants to introduce children to this art form and why not make them want to become actors later on.


Languages : FR

Design – “Sewing is more than a hobby, it’s a therapy!”

TheatreTheatre is not a job, it’s a passion! – Sacha Guitry