Improv Dance

"Interested in exploring a type of dance that emphasizes instinct and freedom? This workshop will invite students to discover the practice of dance improvisation and explore their own unique and organic way of moving."


With Elena:

S1-S7 : Monday, 16h10 – 17h30

1st semester

Dance improvisation is a method that draws inspiration from everyday dance practices and influences. The emphasis is given on the instinctual, unpredictable and free movement of the dancer, who is called to express and expose themself in a trusting and playful environment.

The aim of the first semester is to break down barriers between students and introduce them to the principles and tools of dance improvisation. This class helps participants to explore different possibilities and qualities of movement and eventually find their own way of expressing themselves.

The emphasis is placed on individual practice, duo work (contact improvisation) and different possibilities of group work. In order to activate our imagination, we use different types of stimuli such as images, breath, voice and stories that lead our body into different shapes and dynamics of movement. Through those elements, in combination with the use of space, music and relationships between participants – my intention is to explore the strengths and weaknesses of each of us as well as discover and realize the intelligence, possibilities, and limitations of our bodies.

2nd semester

The goal of the second semester is to create and practice the choreography that will be performed at the Performing Arts Day. At this point, participants have a wide variety of tools to begin choreographing themselves the piece they will perform (always with my help and guidance). This can be based on a piece of music, a text, a concept, or even a single movement – material that has been discussed in the class and to which the students are sensitive. As the dancers prepare for the performance, the class schedule will be adapted to allow participants to rehearse.

Throughout the year, I will also be providing material to the participants to familiarize them with the existing dance scene, which, especially in Belgium, is very rich. Activities outside of school, such as attending a show, can also be proposed.

Correct sportswear required