Our teachers - Music

Percussion Band / Introduction to music / Drums

Mathieu Calleja

"Playful but serious in order to acquire precision and knowledge, understanding and autonomy."


Guillermo Corvalan

"Music is joy, fantasy and discipline all at once."

Introduction to music / Guitar

Panagiotis Damianidis

"Music is the universal language of Mankind, it leads to success and freedom and opens the doors of all our dreams."


Adrien Guerne

"Music is a universal language that does not need translation. When played with honesty, it is received with appreciation."

Introduction to music / Choir

Carla Jaci

"Teaching children the language of music today means investing in the construction of new sounds tomorrow."

Piano / Introduction to music / Choir

Julian Lampert

"We never know who, in a classroom full of students, may someday change the world."


Gergana Perendibazova

"The pleasure of creation is always emphasized in order to stimulate the desire to learn and work as soon as possible.”


Maya Peszko

"I share my passion for music and piano with my students and awaken the recognition of their expression by adapting to their level."


Mersiha Teskeredzic

"Playing an instrument actively engages and stimulates the brain, enhances concentration and makes you feel happy."