Our teachers - Languages

Surprise Box FR

Nadia Afallah

"The activity creates coherence between the child’s identity, knowledge and social skills with peers."

Jugar en espanol

Cristina Ferrero Sanchez

"Children can learn by having fun, let’s give playing an important role in learning."


Alina Frent

"With the right attitudes, tools and skills each student can achieve success, connectedness and well-being."


Maria Gioia Gowar

"Open up my students' minds and imagination allowing them to access the rich diversity of humanity."


Liliane Hene

"Singing, dancing, speaking and drawing all the words of the French language."


Chaima Refla

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Surprise Box EN

Jacob Vaughan

"A full English immersion through the use of games and songs."