Practical Guide for extracurricular activities


In order to help you understand how our service works, we have prepared a practical guide explaining the steps to follow to benefit from our activities.



Meeting point

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

1. If your child is in kindergarten
The teacher takes the pupils who are enrolled at the periscolaire to the salle commune des maternelles where they are taking care of by our team of supervisors. Each instructor picks up his group at 15:10 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday & 12:50 PM on Friday.

2. If your child is in primary school
The teacher accompanies the pupils who are enrolled at periscolaire to the meeting point which is in front of the canteen’s building. The children go under the sign that corresponds to their activities. Our team of supervisors is always making sure everyone goes under the right symbol. They are then taking care by their monitors at 15:10 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday & at 12:50 on Friday.

3. If your child is in secondary
They go by themselves at the meeting point where their monitor are waiting for them at 3:10 pm or 4:10 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday: Lunchtime Supervision and/or Hot Dish

1. If your child is in kindergarten
The teacher takes the pupils to the salle ‘commune des maternelles’ where our team of supervisors is waiting for them in order to accompany them to the canteen. After the canteen, the supervisors accompany the children to their activities.

2. If your child is in primary school
The children go to the 2nd floor of the canteen building where they will be taken care of by our team of supervisors.

If your child is in kindergarten, primary, secondary AND is enrolled in after-school day care (OIB) on Wednesday:

  • the hot meal is included in her registration at the after-school day care center. He goes to the canteen with the daycare instructors and joins the extracurricular activities afterward.

At the end of their classes secondary students are requested to present themselves to the canteen.

If your child is in kindergarten, primary, secondary AND is NOT enrolled in after-school daycare on Wednesday he can either :

  • have access to the hot meal under the supervision of the extracurricular activities (compulsory registration via the APEEE site – Extracurricular activities – Midday monitoring with hot meal)
  • or eat his sandwich under the supervision of the extracurricular (compulsory registration via the APEEE website – Extracurricular activities – Lunch supervision)

Off-site activity

Activités hors du site de l’école

1. If your child is enrolled in swimming:

The teacher accompagnies the child to the bus where he is monitored by our team of supervisors until the aqua center “NOH”.

Important: parents are always requested to pick up their children at the pool.



Our supervisor Nadia accompanies the children to the bus in the shuttle from the school to the Aqua Center NOH.

If your child is registered for swimming on Friday, parents are required to register their child either :

-at an extracurricular activity from 12:50 to 13:50

Please note that the extracurricular organises a school supervision on Friday “Play & Go” from 12:50 to 15:00 (2 sessions) for which the registration can be made via our online registration website.

– at the after-school day care (Laeken garderie)

For more information, please contact the extracurricular activities office (02-374 10 92/99 – periscolaire[at]bru4[.]eu)


After activities

At the end of each activity, monitors accompany the children either to the gate (parents), the Laeken garderie or the bus.

1. Parents:

Parents pick up their child right after the activity.
The appointment time is fixed either at 15:10, 16:10 or 16:45 (depending on the end of the activity) at the gate where the children wait for their parents at the meeting point for parents which is next to the vigil’s lodge.

Children are under the supervision of our supervisor team for a maximum of ¼ hour after the end of the activities.
After this period, they will be brought to the Periscolaire Office which will be in charge of contacting the parents.

Children who go home alone after the activity.
Parents are required to give to their child a written permission to leave school after extracurricular activities (this permission must appear on the child’s agenda).

2. Laeken garderie:
Children go to the garderie of Laeken
Monitors accompany the children enrolled at the Laeken Garderie, where they are taking care by the after-school daycare team at 3:10 pm or 4:20 pm (depending on when the extracurricular activity ends).

3. Bus
Children must take the bus home or OIB Garderie.
Parents are required to indicate on the registration form that the activity is followed by a “return by bus” and to point out the NUMBER of the bus that the child has to take.

Any change in the bus number and/or the arrangements for picking up the child must be reported to the Periscolaire office and to the transport office.

If your child uses the second departure after the extra-curricular activity, parents are asked to contact the transport service in order to check the availability but also if their stop is deserved on the second departure.