Deniona Grillo

Jewellery / Arts - The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
Volleyball - Your team becomes your FAMILY; The ball becomes your BEST FRIEND; The court becomes your HOME and the game becomes your LIFE.

Former professional volleyball player, Deni still enjoys playing volleyball which is why she wants to share her passion and teach it to young people.

After completing several training courses in design, art and styling in Johannesburg and Pretoria, Deni began producing her own jewellery collection in 2005. She has lived in several African countries and finds her inspiration in the art and colours of many of the continent’s ethnic groups, while creating her own style.

In Tanzania, where she lived for 15 years until 2017 before moving to Brussels, Deni launched the “Jina Langu Ni” project. This project consists of training women in jewellery design and styling. After the training, she guided these women in the process of distribution and sale of their creations. A majority of the women had disabled children and thanks to the project, they were able to earn a stable and sustainable income.

Together with this group of women trained in Tanzania, Deni has created clothing and jewellery collections that have been presented 5 years in a row at the “Swahili Fashion Week” for East Africa.

Deni creates and sells her jewellery creations in several shops in Brussels.


Languages : FR – EN – IT