Benjamin Vaughan

Benjamin grew up in Brussels, is bilingual in French and English and was heavily involved in the local theatre scene, his mother being a director and costume expert, his dad an experienced stage manager, and the youngest of 4 brothers who are all involved in theatre.

His childhood is filled with memories of being backstage, watching his mother fit costumes for actors, watching her make costumes at home, acting as a model for said costumes, and carrying massive bags of costume out of the car and into the basement twice a week. He has worked as an actor, in both minor and major roles, backstage, doing sound, doing lighting, as a prop handler, stagehand, spotlight handler and also recently director.

To put it briefly, theatre is in his blood. Today Benjamin works, quite predictably as a theatre teacher both in French and English and he very much enjoys doing work that comes to him as naturally as breathing.

Languages : EN – FR

As a teacher you have a duty of care and I believe that it extends beyond the walls of the subject I teach. Theatre provides life skills such as confidence and working in a team, among other things. It would be naive of me to think my subject only provides skills to act.”